Saturday, April 30, 2011

watercar now

People have been fighting the battle of the water car for a long time. I first heard about and saw blueprints for hydrogen conversions for reciprocating engines twenty five years ago and some people swore by it's simplicity. But it never took off.

Well now we have the capacity to go viral, should that be just reserved lolcat videos and kids singing? So in theory, here it comes.

Some inventor is going to come out with simple technology to run your car on tap water on the 4th of May. So we'll see. Cross your fingers and remember, any losses in fuel purchases will likely be made up in tire purchases.


How about that. Somebody managed to predict all this years ago and here we are living in exactly the nightmare the author predicted. Anyone think this is an accident?

This is exactly what has fueled the urgency of my posting all things alarming. We have a problem and it's very entrenched. It has a perspective and an agenda and we're not in it. That means you. The window for overcoming this agenda is closing. I'll not be posting much longer.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

more jamie scott

so apparently i can talk till im blue in the face about conspiracy and banking and monsanto and military industrial complex and i get a steady seven views per posting...when i post about jamie scott i get 300 views...and he says all the same stuff i do but hes got a bigger amplifier than i what the hell...

Fallout Blackout

Has anyone noticed that the infastructure used for measuring radiation has gone silent?

Also did anyone notice the difference between the blasts filmed at Fukishima?

Does anyone feel confident that Tepco is telling the truth? It took years to find out that Chernobyl killed a million people downwind from the plant.

Well this time its us right here on the west coast and the Canadian government has shut down access to radiation readings.

Oh never mind... the hockey playoffs are on.

Monday, April 25, 2011

joe rogan

There are some issues which are just not served by the restriction of expression known as polite language. I think a well placed f-bomb here and there is absolutely called for. How much of more of this kind of corruption do you wish to tolerate?

If you wanna get to heaven remember, what you permit, you promote.


Just in case you need to hear all this from someone with credentials, there are millions of examples of this taking shape all around you. There is very little time left in our current normal. The new normal will be much less kind to the rest of us: meaning almost all of us. I write this because I hope youre ready for what's coming, not because i want to be a doomsayer.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

jamie scott

Well I was completely done with voting. It's become quite clear over the years that all you really get is an opportunity to vote for your next liar. You don't get to vote on the issues and so over and over we see the same thing play out. All these flag wavers come out and get screwed. Then they say if you don't vote then you can’t bitch.

Well I got a better idea. If you vote for a criminal you face accountibility.

Along comes Jamie Scott: speaking the truth and trying to get elected with it. Talk about refreshing!

I can’t imagine the backlash he is getting but even Elizabeth May got kept out of the debates. That is not democracy and that is why I don’t participate! It's CALLED FRAUD! Maybe we need a truth party. There has to be a way to weed out the shills. It is time to take a stand for an end to corporate lobbying and the restoration of sound currency. How about restoring the cost of living to within the means of the average citizen and while we’re at it how about making it illegal to repress technology; end this illusion that god has chosen one people over another. And this is just for starters. Theres so much wrong I could go on all day. If you live in the Surrey North riding you have no excuse to not consider what Jamie Scott has to say.

Alex Jones found out about Jamie Scott and he’s in Texas people. Get your heads out of the sand!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

coke broke

They told you it was irresponsible borrowers with sub-prime loans that crashed the global economy, you had to instinctively think it was bullshit didn't you?

Take a good listen to the analysis here and ask yourself if you can really stand anymore of the blue pill.

They locked up the Mubareks. Ask yourself what's now possible. The drug trade is funding liquidity and your children will die for it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

mother earth law

I know on the surface this seems like a good thing. It could be argued that in the long run, for the benefit of the Earth it will be however, this law in the short run in the hands of the UN can be used for all kinds of nastiness against you.

Read about it here.

You don't really think they are going to use this to re-distribute wealth do you? This law, intended to limit human encroachement on the world, will be targeting you the consumer as the biggest culprit and will be used to take away your rights: right to food, shelter and all the other things you now take for granted.

This will be their cull the herd call. This law has Georgia Guidestones written all over it.

I agree the world should be treated with this kind of respect, but what I'm concerned about here is the mindset so often employed by these people: which is, that the end justifies the means. Do you all realize how close we are to the final solution?

From one useless eater to another, WATCH OUT!  Why do you think they've just gutted Wall Street and built all these underground cities?

Friday, April 8, 2011

shutown showdown

how many people think this is pure theatre?..the money is being printed out of thin air anyways and they always knew they were gonna sort it out anyways,so i just cant bring myself to pannic about such things...theres way more pressing things that require attention without getting into the phony problems they stir up for the sake of fear...hell, the whole depopulation agenda could could be staged to create really seems that the common thread of all things mainstream is fear soooo.. who is the terrorist?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The same Environmental Protection Agency that said ground zero was safe for the rescue workers is now fudging the numbers on acceptable radiation limits so that none of us will get sick from radiation from Fukishima. Or all the depleted uranium from Libya.

Boy do I feel a whole lot safer now.

Canada even stopped displaying radiation readings because the radiation detectors are now actually detecting radiation. Really, you can't make this up. Here! Go see for yourself in this article on the Natural News. You won't believe your own eyes.

Of all the billions of worlds to be born on, I just can't figure out why I would choose this Orwellian nightmare.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ode to jesse ventura

Well he's back in town and love him or hate him he's going to speak his mind and you're going to what, Try and stop him?

The thing about Jesse Ventura is his refusal to be shamed into silence. He's an expert at a lot of things and is one of those indominable souls who's made up his mind about how things are and right or wrong on particular points is irrelevant. The point is that the conversation needs to be had. If we say, had a new investigation of the Kennedy assassination, what harm could that cause? We know much more forensically now then we did then. Let's just say there was a conspiracy at the highest levels. Wouldn't you want there to be accountability? This interview really says more about Piers Morgan than Jesse Ventura. This whole downward pressure to say that some ideas, backed up by some evidence, are beyond consideration. Who decides that? You?

Run Jesse run! If I were American I would vote for you!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

dumbed down

My children come home with about a tenth of the homework that I did. Now dont get me wrong, I think taking up the bulk of someone's childhood with redundant education does not seem like an efficient use of their intelligence but now it's even less then that.

Independent thought is more dicouraged than ever and people, by and large actually know more and understand less.

Mainstream education is not about excelling, its about conforming.

radiation warning

Has anyone noticed that the sources for clear radiation levels here on the west coast are becoming quieter and quieter? Fukishima is getting worse by the day and the mainstream keeps making like it's nothing. There are six reactors on that site and half are currently critical. If one pops, they wont be able to get at the rest.

They are flying concrete pumps in but it could easily get to the point where nobody can get that close. Then what?


Saturday, April 2, 2011

koran burning

So this jackass preacher actually believes the official 9/11 story, burns a Koran with complete disregard for the blood he's gonna spill in the process and ends up being right about the mob he stirred up who then killed 11 UN workers?

How the hell does that work?