Monday, February 28, 2011

treachery simplified

For those of you who think it's all just too complicated, I have just the thing: cartoons.

This show lays out what I believe are the surface layers of the problem our species faces in the quest for freedom. If what is happening in the Arab world really does spread, I think it's important that we actually know who the real boss is.

For example, Egypt just had a revolution to get rid of Mubarak and already the army is letting his buddies off the hook and shutting out the citizenry again. This was so predictable. The same thing happened in Tunisia.

So when I see people killing bank tellers in Greece or slugging it out in Wisconsin, I say to all of you, these problems of no money are SYMPTOMS of a much bigger proble.

At some point the elephant in the room being the supression  of new and existing technology. We've known how to build a windfarm for some time. And thats just one example. Once you peer outside the box, it's quite obvious that EVERYTHING is being suppressed...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shame on mainstream media

It is really interesting how the mainstream media makes like Alex Jones doesn't exist even though his numbers are formidable, which means in popular terms, that there is legitimacy to his message.  They take every opportunity to discredit it by calling it "fringe, extreme, conspiracy" or any other minimizing term available and try to make nonsensical or irrelevant. They intimate like nobody is really listening to that "drivel" but clearly they are all too. They ignore the very compelling questions raised by this show and therefore deny their own listeners the benefit of balanced coverage of the issues.  They do however, turn around and use sound bytes when it suits them. This is the height of hypocracy.

I hope you're paying attention to the slant applied to everything you hear.  Granted that interview was off the hook and even I would say "Easy on the Redbull, Charlie."  To the people who make like that show doesn't exist except when it suits to attack is so cowardly.  And if you want to slag any man at will then you should consider the questions, Mr. President. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

what in the world are they spraying?

The whole thing about tinfoil hats is it is the cliche humor of the cynical cowards who don't want to see the evidence. Those of you who think this way offend the experience of your fellow citizens.

And you need to grow up and smell the aluminum.

food stamps too?

Ya gotta love Max Kaiser. He's really got a handle on it.

if you dont believe me...

check this out.

Right on schedule

If you watch enough mainstream media with a critical eye, then you will notice that there is very little overlap of focus between Bahrain, Libya or Yemen.

It never seems to happen simultaneously. If you look at the news, the focus is all Libya right now and next week it will be somewhere else if Gaddafi falls.

If you think this is random or unguided then you need to look again. Predator drones are killing hundreds in Pakistan and all the innocents are acceptable collateral damage. It's right up in your face: our killings are justified but his aren't.

Nobody's killings are ever legitimate.

This is all leading somewhere and you should know where, so you can conduct your affairs accordingly. Don't think these kinds of crackdowns arent possible here.

Remember G20 in Toronto last year? A billion dollars to round up a thousand people like cattle and terrorize them for a night. Don't you think that sent a message? Like maybe, "Don't mess with our agenda?"

This next clip is Pastor Lindsay Williams who has been on the inside with some of a few of the big oil company executives since he was a chaplain and a pilot flying these guys in and out of the Alaska oil patch.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3

Part 4

Thursday, February 24, 2011

up in your face: the georgia guidestones

When most of us were kids, they said "if you do your best there will be a place for you in all this." I remembered thinking at the time that it is starting to not be that way.

I now have to stare down the barrel of global uncertainty and unsustainablity on so many fronts and still have the gumption to send my kids to that antiquated brainwashing institution, in the faint hope that what is written on the Georgia Guide stones isn't actually happening. As I watch the so obviously scripted disintegration of the Middle East and ponder it's potential outcome: two million people in Tahrir square chanting about Palestine. A friend of mine said, "If you don't have an opinion about Palestine then talk about it and get one because the silence is deafening."

Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons and is surrounded by angry neighbors. Oh and officially, we support their actions. Our silence in this matter is reprehensible and history will remembers who did and didn't do what was appropriate.

Take a look at this and ask yourself why it all seems to fit.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the green beautiful

this was a loveley film about how other races might view our species...well worth the time..sorry about the subtitles

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

hearts and minds

Yes, I know he's a little abrasive, but he's right. We are dissolving in a sea of debt and we feel completely entitled to send our militarys around the world to enforce...what? What happens when the ability to borrow ends and we have to abandon these projects?

We're cutting union rights but the White Shoe Boys of the central banks don't need to take a haircut on all the fake money that they loaned us to take over the world, all FOR THEM too have a world government under ALL their control. ^%@^#^%$#&$#!!!!!!

And now we have Justin "Beibler" to tell us how it is? I'm gonna leave this one to Alex.

media smear

How many times have you heard a sensible polititian supported by mainstream media?
If you are lazy minded you will get bad government.

Did you know that in ancient Greece it was illegal to shrink from controversy? I think this is interesting because if you are critically assessing this next piece for fact rather than direction,then your skin will begin to crawl. But only if you pay attention. Watch her eyes.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

an idea whose time has come

Theres something very exiting about watching something go viral. Millions of people on the business end of globally controlled money and food supplies have finally come to realize that they are being slowly exterminated with food.

They have no prospect of expecting any kind of life because it was bad now it's going to sharply worse: I'm hearing about 29 to 35 percent in the last year. When you spend over half of your income on food those numbers are a death sentence for many. The world hasn't suddenly become impossible to feed.

Please thing about that for a moment.

People are being deliberately starved out of existence. They have realized that they would rather die on their feet fighting back, because the legitimacy to rule comes with the responsibility to provide the platform for existence which has been more than poorly delivered, it's been purposely denied.

They have one shot at surviving this and and that means they must topple their governments or die at their hands.

Don't think it cant happen here. This is not slowing down and in fact it is speeding up. Protest actions are now beginning in the US as well as the world buckles under the imaginary debt load of a quadrillion dollar derivative black hole.

Eat, drink and be merry.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

media manipulation

This is a great example of how this is done to you. TexasCongressman Ron Paul has won the CPAC straw poll again for the second time. But this year, because everything has gotten worse, his words are ringing more true. FOX news used the footage from last years announcement, which was full of boos. This year the crowd was so ecstatic, they buried the footage. Take a good look at how they did this and compare it to state TV in Libya fawning over Gadaffi while thousands of hungry protesters raged outside.

Then look at the footage of Ray McGovern dragged out of a Hillary Clinton speech about freedom to protest while she doesn't miss a beat. The problem here is that people wont take a stand until they are personally hungry. So they only ever have to beat down a few people at a time. If you watched the G20 in Toronto , they rounded up and abused a thousand people. Easy.

Not so easy when its a quarter million. Don't worry though, all the courageous people will be long gone by they come for the rest of us.

economic hitmen

If you think that all the the economic turmoil in the world is one big accident, think again. If you think the world escaped colonial tyranny a couple hundred years ago only to spin wildly out of control on our own. Which is why we all need learn austerity so that the bankers can collect all their interest money from our starving hands...THINK AGAIN. This is all a big corporate mugging of the entire world. Google derivatives and ask yourself why these 'financial instruments" out value the world economy?

Meet John Perkins, a reformed financial terrorist who was involved in the economic take down of a number of world economies by the IMF. In his book titled Confessions of an Economic Hitman he details how corporate raiders would go to a country's leader and corrupt them into taking out massive infrastructure loans to hire Anglo-American companies to build mega-projects the countries couldn't afford. Which is exactly where the corptocracy wants them. That when the country in question couldn't pay, then they would demand their pound of flesh, invariably meaning the country has to hand over some natural resource to the control of the corptocracy. That would mean anything from privatization of state assets to the wholesale slaughter of resisters. We actually ARE the great white satan.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

crop circles

This is one of the best examples of a completely mind controlled species....
these incredible works of art and information have been appearing regularily since most of us were children and still those who speak on this are ridiculed or ignored.
These images are not regularily displayed on mainstream media and the one hollywood movie about them made the aliens into monsters.
now first off,i dont know that these are made by aliens(remember the crack about mind control?)...just because i have no idea what the outer limits of human knowledge and technology is...think they just figgered out the ipad last year?
whomever is behind this is trying to gently expand the belief horizons of a target
no matter who did it ,it was done to inflence your beliefs..yes yours...but it only works if you dont ignore it.
overall i see this phenomenom as a positive thing...why would anyone reach out to us with vastly better technology than we ve seen to stimulate our intellect if all they want to do is enslave or eat us...Someone clearly wants us to WAKE UP ALREADY!
take a good look at these images which are clearly beyond the means of pranksters with planks...
Now this is absolutley why is this NOT covered...the obvious answer would be alien reacharound and because ive heard so much about staged alien invasion to install a police state...
i feel like an egyptian who has had the internet turned off to prevent the sharing of information....take a good look at who takes what position on this issue and that will kinda say where the chips fall...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Have you ever noticed how history’s mavericks have a way of meeting tragic ends often at the hands of lone nuts? People who speak truth to power are uniformly harassed from a number of different angles? Anyone who has ever run afoul of authorities for daring to disagree will say that the attack poodles seem to come from all directions. It only takes a handful of people to surround one person and make them question their safety or sanity.

The powers can afford that. They have a blank cheque from you the taxpayer who has rolled over. People underestimate the intelligence of true evil, which is why you see all those shows about dumb criminals. They want you to believe that no one could be that organized. We can build space shuttles and free energy. Don’t underestimate what is possible.

9/11 is probably the best example of this confrontation between intelligence and repression. Take a good look at the difference in the way people present their case and the battle lines will become more visible. Those who want you to go along can’t help but speak with contempt and condescension. Take the likes of Billo or entertainers Penn and Teller and Potok. These are counterintelligence agents paid to attack.

Then there are the fence sitters like Noam Chomsky or Jon Stewart. They skirt the edge but know what they can get away with. The biggest mistake people make is thinking they’re too insignificant to be noticed. Over one third of the population of East Germany was on the payroll of the government. We are not there yet but the constant nudge toward a distracted confused outlook is relentless and organized.

This is a prime example of the mush I am talking about. Video can't be embedded so you'll have to copy and paste into your browser to watch.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Quadaffi, Gaddafi

How about that? As if right on schedule, Mohammar Quadaffi comes out and urges Palestinians to revolt against Isreal.  Doesn’t that just cap it? Why now? Now that Egypt might not be so willing to stand by and watch their fellow Arabs pasted by air strikes again by the benevolent forces of the Chosen People. Don’t you think it would take a little pressure of all Muslim leaders to show a little solidarity with their brethren for once?

This is so obviously a case of divide and conquer. How many Arab nations in a small area like the Middle East, is necessary to maintain discord? Doesn’t the Middle East realize that if it were all one country, they would stand a better chance of fending off the manipulation?

If you look at how much money the US sends Isreal and Egypt every year, over a billion to Egypt alone and for what? So they don’t rip each others throats out? Isreal has enough nukes to flatten all of her neighbors. That is the only thing keeping this little country where it is because otherwise they would be overrun by all their neighbors.  The real question as I see it is what’s the angle? They bombed Tripoli a few years back and I gather Quadaffi is still upset about it.

The answer gets easier if you assume that countries only exist in the minds of their citizens. The world is now run by international bankers who have no interest in the preservation of nations.They want everyone on their knees before them, the true rulers. When you finance both sides of a war. than all you have to do is assure that there continues to be a war. This all works to keep everyone angry and scared and isn’t that exactly the way you want them anyway? Where do you think Hitler got the money to build the Third Reich? Well now we have the Fourth Reich running amok and if you watch the news, you’ll notice nobody is willing to to say how they *think * this is going turn out.

Except maybe John Perkins here.

Now those are people in power right? Wrong! Ever hear of a puppet regime?  They’re everywhere. That is why they’re all afraid. They know that none of them are really in charge and they all take their marching orders from the same monster, who seems to have a real appetite for blood.

This ones not over yet.

Sunday, February 13, 2011 ya mean it

cuz it can't all be serious.


I’d rather be talking about spiritual ascension and all the magical powers of humanity and the incredible technologies we’ve developed and the alien worlds we are visiting, but we’re not there yet. Before we can physically as a species go to the stars, we have to get the monkey off our backs and place it at our side. Consider this, if you were an alien coming to our world and looking around, what do you see?

Do you see a collection of different races duking it out for supremacy? Or do you see, as is reported, one race cannibalizing itself? If you are a fan of Star Trek at all, you know of the Prime Directive. The idea that all immature species should be quarantined until such time as they are able respect each other?

The people who claim association with other species from beyond and there are many, say this is exactly what is going on. Would you share nuclear power with Gengis Khan? This notion that the world is overcrowded and can’t support our numbers only holds water when you assess our world state without all our new technologies.

How many times have you heard about some incredible medical breakthrough only to find a month later that it’s years of testing away. Conversely, some new toxic medicine gets pushed through, like the H1N1 vaccine, with hardly any testing at all and causing all kinds of havoc?

Why are they building fusion centres and converting military bases to prisons that sit fully staffed awaiting…what? The notion that the world is drifting wildly out of control is poppycock. Why are the agents of change always demonized and called terrorists? One person’s terrorists is another’s freedom fighter.)

It all makes no sense unless you factor in a couple of widely known facts.  The United Nations want to shrink our population and make us more servile hence the fluoridation of water supplies. Do you think it’s a coincidence that governing bodies are trying to take all the guns away whilst they are collapsing the world economy?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

coral castle

In the face of all this police state closing in around us, I think it's a good time to switch gears and consider some of the incredible powers people have. If we had any idea of our true powers we would not be so easy to lead around by the nose.

Yes, that other 90 percent of unused brain, it does stuff!

This is a story of a little immigrant man 70ish years ago who assembled a huge castle of coral built with stones large enough that engineers can't replicate. Have a look.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Like an idea whose time has come, the people of the middle east have begun to tear off the shackles off oppression; our oppression.

Before you get angry, remember that Mubarek was the pawn of the west and Isreal, neither of which are all that happy about this. Certainly the people are, but watch the divide between what the people and what the governments wants.

Don't be fooled into thinking their problems are over. Tunisia is already experiencing that old "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." They're already finding themselves being shut out of the new government that they the people opened the door for.

The US has given the Mubarek regime a billion plus every year since Sadat was assassinated. Funny that in that time, Mubarek has amassed a fortune well in excess of the total military aid of that time. So really, he got the money.

The Swiss government has seized his assets there but the Yanks aren't talking. Follow the money, it might all still be here.

The one big point here is clearly that now the people know it is possible to overcome oppressive regimes.

Cold Fusion

So with all these environmental cutbacks being made, where is the new green stuff?

Doesn't environment at some point trump patent law? Is it right for someone who has money to buy knowledge specifically to suppress it? But here is the real kicker, if they're so desperate to save the world then why are they willing to sqeeze most of us out of existence, rather than go the other way and take the problem head on?

Wheres the X PRIZE for green energy? Could you imagine how different the world would be if all that knowledge hadn't been suppressed? At some point it needs to be stated openly that we're being steered into the mud.

Here is cold fusion working. Simply off water.

agenda 21

Well this is a big one. Is there a UN plan to reduce the worlds population by billions? Do we need to run for the hills? Stock up on pork and beans and ammunition? It would appear we are now entering the business cycle of this plan..

The riots and demonstrations taking place all over the world are not because people are feeling a little left out of the political process, it’s because they are being starved to DEATH by it.

I suspect if those behind this really get traction, then it won’t matter so much how much food you have as how well you are able to hide. If you’ve never seen the Georgia Guidestones, then I suggest you take a good hard look.

Who had the money and the inclination to erect such a structure and why? Why is Obama strangling all his coal fired power plants without replacing them with green plants first? Even creepier, why aren’t the coal barons filing suit left and right? Where is the outrage?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mass sighting over Jerusalem's Temple Mount: Sat, January 28, 2011

I have my own suspicions about the existence of the protocols and I don't believe in racial supremacy. Period.

But as I post one strange or crazy story after another, is amazing how often Israel or Israelis show up in the darnedest places. I'm not anti-Semitic and I'm not going to make Israeli activities the main focus of my blog, but I think we kind of need to start off by acknowledging the elephant in the room. The story of global conspiracy doesn't exist without Israel.

But while we're focused on that part of the world, take a look at what was seen two weeks ago at the temple mount in Jerusalem. Now I think special effects and CGI are capable of generating such an image, but I'll go you one better. Even if this is a real event it is very possible that WE have such technology. It has been said by specialists that if it is metal it is probably ours and if you see rivets it is Northrop Grumman's.

This sighting over Jerusalem's Temple Mount on Saturday, Jan 28, 2011, was filmed from a number of angles all over the city.

The Protocols of Zion

If you’ve been following conspiracies as long as long as I have, you’ve no doubt heard that same old rant “the Jews did it!” Frankly, I thought all of that was just CRAP.

As a redhead, I’ve seen unexplained hostility from all across the social spectrum. People tend to just hate me on sight and I’ve struggled with this my whole life. The concept of anti-Semitism as a social disease was easy for me to accept and none of my Jewish friends seemed all that monstrous. I never paid it all much heed as the organization required for an entire race to cooperate in a plan to take over the world is beyond comprehension.

But in getting past my bias in favor of the underdog, to at least consider the evidence at hand became a regular thing. And it just kept coming and coming ...faces, places, names. Then the other day, the smoking gun smacked me upside the head, the mother of all other conspiracies: The Protocals of Zion.

I had heard of this before but had no idea what it was really about. I am still learning here and my lack of complete knowledge has held me back for years. I don’t want go spouting off my mouth without any evidence of my own and as I don’t have a research budget, I have to weed through other peoples’ observations and scan them for that sense that it sort of rings true. Forensic investigation is a lot of work.

Essentially, the Protocols of Zion seems to be a playbook for world domination.

First I think we should start with exactly what is Zionism?

Wikipedia describes Zionism as a “Jewish secular political movement without a clear philosophy beyond the establishment and protection of a Jewish state in Palestine.”

It should however be noted that the UN General Assembly passed a resolution in 1975 that designated Zionism as a form of racism that fosters apartheid. It wasn’t withdrawn until 1991. Not all Jews are Zionist and not all Zionists are Jews. Some are Christian and some are even Muslim, so Zionism does not exactly equal Israel but a small part of Israeli politics, the way we have Neocons, who seem quite related in their aspirations.

I may have to limit my reliance on Wikipedia as a reliable source as it describes Israel as having some of the broadest anti-discrimination laws in the western world. Laws maybe...but practice?

I was horrified to find that many Zionists to varying degrees consider themselves to be God’s chosen people and that the Gentiles or Goyim exist only to serve the needs of the Jewish people.

This is new information to me and I have to say that if that’s true, then I am not very happy about that. In fact I could imagine most people wouldn’t be. I never bothered to ask, “Why hate the Jews?”  I just assumed that no reason would ever be good enough. I don’t personally believe in hate but I know it exists.

Assuming that the main hot spot for hatred and conflict in the world seems centered around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, understanding this situation is important in world affairs. I find that even myself chipping away at the secrets and myths of the world, I’m literally a babe in the woods with all this.

I need a second opinion.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've been tossing this around for sometime; whether to jump into the fray of the worldwide information revolution and take a side. There is a big part of me wants to see the structures of global maintenance maintained and improved. And part of me feels like adhering to the status-quo maybe one of the biggest threats to the safety of the masses.

At the time of this writing, the valiant and in many cases destitute, protesters in Cairo are fighting a pitched battle to save their own lives and that their fellow countrymen. Many do not support their efforts but now there is no turning back. If they give in without complete removal of the government, then they will be trading one tyranny for another.

As in Tunisia they foresee being shut out of the new regime as well and then the same old Staci police will come looking for retribution. I think that is on a larger scale: the entire world is facing this very same dilemma. As John F. Kennedy said, we are facing something very dark and organized and it is global. It has no intention of allowing us to develop our human potential.

It may already be too late.

But I have to try.

So beginning with an appropriate photo above in the header for this blog, take a good hard look at that picture and tell me that a 124 tonne jetliner slammed into the ground at some 500 knots and left no discernable evidence?

This is the tip of the iceberg as it were and so over the coming term of this blog, I will be sharing for your scrutiny evidence of all things unexplained or unjustified. And, in many cases unknown. I will attempt to offer analysis as I see fit. This is not a commercial or government supported venture and my opinions are my own.

I am however a captain which means I'm certified by the government to assess risk. I'm also a screen actor so I know a little about illusion and I'm an engineer so I know a little about how stuff works.

This is where I depart from norms. I've seen a lot of magic and synchronicity. I've seen things in the sky and on the ground that defy logic as its been explained to me so I'm not a skeptic. But I also want present evidence I'm not sure about to stimulate dialogue and therefore the expansion of knowledge. I'm learning here too and I want to be clear about this: this is more quest than crusade. Overall I see this as going boldly because I haven't a clue of what I'm getting myself into.

So, will it be the blue pill or the red?  I hope you enjoy.