Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yesterday morning an article appeared on top of the Drudge Report about 25 warning letters delivered in the US, apparently from Osama bin Laden, stating that there were 160 nuclear warheads hidden in various locations throughout the US.

Something like this would ordinarily be BIG news as this kind of threat has never been made before. But yet by mid-afternoon this article was GONE and nobody is saying anything.

Doesn't anybody think this is strange or even worth following up?


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

what water car?

So this was a great one. I saw a friend on facebook post this clip about a new car that runs on tapwater and I thought, "How long will it take them to bury this one?" Then I looked at the date and realized this was 2008! They already did quite successfully bury it because it is three years later and they still haven't come out with it. Not to mention in all that time, I never even heard about it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

nuclear history

Ask yourself how concerned the powers that be are about fallout?

liberation with depleted uranium...

Doesn't that just cap it? We've got Al Queda and NATO on the same side in Libya even though they are at war everywhere else, we're letting Bahrain butcher their own with the help of Saudi troops and now we're going to use depleted uranium to save the Libyans from Gadhaffi?


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I said Syria, didn't i say Syria? And just like clockwork, there they go.

Does this feel scripted yet? Notice that the focus has been shifted from Yemen and Bahrain and they're not even talking about Saudi Arabia? This is only meant to happen where their control is weak. For now.

So who are "they?" Follow the money: the rothchild family owns most of it. They control the money flow to everyone. It all comes down to who do you want to work for? Sooner or later all of them want to hand you a rifle.

Kucinich and Paul

So what gives? The red and blue both have their own token dissenters who are always right but never get anywhere politically. Sometimes I think it's just to draw out their supporters and put them on a watch list. Really.

They find some yokels that are still naive enough to think they still live in a great country. I would talk about Canada here but we're not even a country anymore. We're more of a subregion like Cannuckistan. Nothing meaningfull is allowed to happen here. Remember the Arrow?

So they find these yokels and let them spew their rhetoric and give them just a big enough media platform to be heard but not enough to get elected and then all the truth in the world can be ridiculed out of existance by the attack poodles of the mainstream and then you can say you've had an open discourse. Clinton was impeached for an affair but no one takes Dennis Kucinich seriously when he says Obama should be impeached for going to war without the Congress. That's why they haven't declared war since 1941. It's too much work to manufacture consent.

If you really think the Japanese were able to catch the US Navy off guard at Pearl Harbor then you need to reconsider your sources.

Al CIA-da?

Now this one is tough to swallow. But if you follow what other people outside our mainstream bubble are saying, it seems fairly clear that everyone but us thinks that Al Quaeda is rallying the protesters in all these Arab nations to revolt and we are supporting the suppression of protests in countries control by the west: Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi, but not Syria.They will be next - mark my words.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Does Obama take orders from the UN?

It's hard to get people to cry foul about the removal of a thug like Gadhafi, so I think this is the fight they've chosen to just come out and do it. It's up in your face but you agree anyways right? Don't you?

There a clip here which indicates the President now goes to the UN for direction rather than the Congress. It might not seem that important in this case but it will next time around.

The point here is that the Precident has now been set that the UN calls the shots rather than the people. Do you remember the pathetic charade of Bush and Co., running around trying to sell the people on WMDs and imminent threats. That didn't happen this time. Almost all Canadians don't even know we are at war again, and at the behest of who?

Don't think there is a new world order being formed? Think again. The real question now is do you support it?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

prophesy....or assessment

Last night I went out on a limb and suggested there would be earthquakes today from the Supermoon perogee. I think the bulk of predictors suspect a whallop in California but everyone says ring of fire in general. 5.6 in Japan this morning and a 4.4 off the coast of Vancouver Island a few hours ago.

I just did that to demonstrate that if you're paying attention, you can predict from critical observation.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


well tomorrow is the day we are supposed to get the supermoon earthquake and the word is california....and obama flew out tonight for rio...there has been an exodus of the wealthy from japan and bill gates and his entourage have gone to india...ill be on a boat in english bay, so front row for any tsunami we might get...i dont necessarily think its going to happen, but ill look brilliant if it does..

Friday, March 18, 2011


I think that's how its spelled the Japanese word meaning, to endure the unendurable.

I'm having a conversation with a friend about the idea of sending woodstoves to survivors if they're not planning to evacuate them and I realized that a plane full of woodstoves would mean one less full of food right?

Then I realised in light of all the empty store shelves that a flight of c130s could deliver an enormous amount of air dropped MREs and I realized, it's just not happening. There is no shortage of money and there is a surplus of big ass airplanes in the world and there are lots of people with nothing to do. The money to pay for it all isn't even real, so what's actually lacking is will to act: on the part of the Japanese, the Americans and anyone with real means. It's been a week.

Does it make a difference that Haiti was poor? Apparently not the Japanese are getting the bare minimum too. Oh well I guess they're dragging their heels on libya as well.

no oil in bahrain

So what's the difference between Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi and Libya?

Gaddafi is a monster, but what about the treatment of Bradley Manning or all the people at the Pearl roundabout? Non-stop abuses in Yemen, Egypt, Palestine or the g20.

Right over there in Toronto, on the Reserves or on the streets. It's ALL WRONG!

What just happened in Bahrain was right under the nose of the US Navy as the 5th fleet is tied up there. There is no right to rule and we cannot pick and choose what bullies we decide to support. This is such a profound hipocracy that we can't really be missing it.

Can we?

Theres no oil in Bahrain, but then there wasnt any in Rwanda either. I don't even need a a video for this one.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


its been a week since all this started and an assessment of electric possibillities
is immediately accessible to the engineers of this plant.
damage reports have a way of moving quickly it is impossible that they couldnt have made a worst case appraisal and flown in portable generators...these kind of things tend to get priority shipping..and on top of that NOBODY is being all that forthcoming about status updates and really quite uncreative about solutions ...
way too little way too late to be an unrestrained response.
why would you hold back so much on something so important? there is clearly way more hear than meets the eye...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


so hes dropping the ball on libya,bahrain and japan for what golf?..basketbaball?

foreign troops

So they couldn't whip their own people into submission so they bring in foreign troops. Thugs for hire as it were. Cowards.

The reason for doing this is that foreign troops don't feel any empathy for the protesters and will follow their orders to the letter. Where this goes from here is fairly predictable.

Monday, March 14, 2011

we were warned....

So the mainstream doesn't see it coming but woman with a Youtube channel whoops 'em all and hits the nail on the head. If she knew, why didn't they?

Or did they?

managed events

Well I've seen all the images of Chernobyl and I can't tell the diference. Can you tell the difference?

Now two reactors go ballistic and the third is about to go because the NUCLEAR SCIENTISTS LET THE PUMP RUN OUT OF FUEL!

They're getting a lot of reaction time here and not a lot of good stuff is happening. As an engineer I know how long it takes to get an engine running again after it's been
submerged. How about fly one in. There are tonnes of solutions NOT being attempted.

9500 people missing in one town and that fact just can't seem to make it into official figures.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


So how many people are getting a little concerned about all the secrecy surrounding this reactor mess? You notice how details remain sketchy and no footage is being shown of what's inside that reactor building?

If it's not a meltdown, then there are people there working on stuff who can take a picture of this still intact reactor core and put the whole issue to rest for say,
THE REST OF THE FREAKING WORLD! If it's a real meltdown, then there is an immediate responsibility to inform the people downwind so as to allow for an orderly movement of people. I know, sounds crazy doesnt it? Could you imagine the idea of the entire North American population taking a couple month vacation in say, Australia?

The real issue is that if that reactor really blew as oppose to the hydrogen fart they're telling us it is,t hen they probably can't get near the other five or so right next door, some of which are having control issues.

Would you run? Can you run? Where will you go? I noticed they don't say how badly irradiated those people are.

The one I can't wrap my head around is why they haven't shown any images of the wreckage of that natural gas plant that blew up the other night either. What could be to hide there?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

no fly zone?

Are you fed up with Qaddafi yet? Especially now that he's gotten some tiger blood going? (Couldnt help that)

If you look at the news coverage about Libya, a 5 year old could tell it's all slanted toward making you want a no fly zone so that he can be defeated. They're even letting him win so as to manufacture consent for an invasion. This is Al Jezeera. What do you think fox had to say?

Friday, March 11, 2011

benjamin fulford japan quake

Son of a Canadian diplomat, Benjamin Fulford was the Forbes Japanese beaurau chief for eight years. I saw this video years ago about how it seemed Japan was threatened with earthquakes,politically. Now I realize the linchpin here is his word, but it's way easier for me to believe that than blaming global warming.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, people can now light their tap water on fire, a byproduct from hydraulic fracking. Everywhich way you turn, something toxic is being done that actually doesn't need doing and everything we don't do about it is something our grandchildren will have to deal with.

what freedom?

As I watched this video my hands were clenched in fists of rage. Consider the arrogance required to make such a statement. You just got slapped in the face, did you feel it?

The funny thing here is they probably could have done things like this quietly and got away with it. At least I don't feel like a conspiracy nut any more. I can just read the regular news and be horrified.

Monday, March 7, 2011

why charlie sheen was really fired

Yes hes a party animal and insubordinate reckless and god forbid, in a polyamorous relationship, but hes also a courageous defender of your freedom. While imperfect, he deserves the respect for taking that chance with his career and his life.
Ya'all loved Pat Tillman right?

jfk jr

How many stories have to go just this way for it to smell funny? How many
prominent human rights advocates, crusaders, heroes and whistle-blowers have to die before the population really goes to the defense of their own protectors?

Why is it always the good people who die this way? It's because good people don't commit murder. That alone should motivate some kind of discourse. The silence is deafening. Are we all cowards?

The Arab world is erupting because they have a gun to their heads and realize that their own leaders are exterminating them. Will we wait until gas is ten bucks a gallon? What is it going to take?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

for the love of music

None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe themselves to be free.

This video is mostly a series of images demonstrating what much of our music culture has in common. All youre getting here is just images because its' just a little part of what's going on and that in itself should be enough to convince anyone with a pulse that there is definately some kind of profound subtext here.

Friday, March 4, 2011


This is where the the term conspiracy theory came from. If you don't see the connections raised here, then your either lazy or terrified. I'd say stupid too but if you look at the film quality here, then you already know it didn't take the best and brightest to figure this one out.

It's OK to say you're afraid because these are killers and they run the free world. This is just one in a series of high profile assassinations I will be covering. And I have no intention of committing suicide. Really.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

you should have stayed at home: the g20

So much for Canada.

It appalls me to the core that these highly trained professionals could slip into such a condescending thug brigade. To anyone with a pulse and a two minute attention span, this is so far from where we want this country to be and these were the people we hired to protect us.

The message was clear. We don't work for you. We work for your owners. So before you think it wont happen here, it already is. The reason people are protesting is because of the despicable things being done BY the G20. Protest bad stuff, get more bad stuff..hmmm.

You Should Have Stayed At Home - the fifth estate

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the corporation

Do you feel yourself being slowly eroded away by the relentless onslaught of advertising, encroached upon by corporate or government agents, collectors, lawyers and other representatives?

Theres a reason for this.

You are a debt slave...

the new american century

This is as much as a confession and should be remembered, because this was the tipping point where we went from being citizens to being serfs. And there were but a small group of people involved. A crime is a crime and there needs to be trials.