Tuesday, April 12, 2011

mother earth law

I know on the surface this seems like a good thing. It could be argued that in the long run, for the benefit of the Earth it will be however, this law in the short run in the hands of the UN can be used for all kinds of nastiness against you.

Read about it here.

You don't really think they are going to use this to re-distribute wealth do you? This law, intended to limit human encroachement on the world, will be targeting you the consumer as the biggest culprit and will be used to take away your rights: right to food, shelter and all the other things you now take for granted.

This will be their cull the herd call. This law has Georgia Guidestones written all over it.

I agree the world should be treated with this kind of respect, but what I'm concerned about here is the mindset so often employed by these people: which is, that the end justifies the means. Do you all realize how close we are to the final solution?

From one useless eater to another, WATCH OUT!  Why do you think they've just gutted Wall Street and built all these underground cities?

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