Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Enough political nonsense. Have we established yet that all of that is nonsense?
Having been raised as somewhat atheist, I've always felt free to explore spirituality without guilt. I've seen a lot of magic, be it synchronicities or karma, but is it all that? Or is it more the case that we don't know the full scope of our environment and therefore are prone to suggestion by those who know better. Hence the non-stop elections.

Years ago I was described by someone as an indigo because of my contrary ways. Essentially not a "yes" man. It was in the sixties when understanding of the soul and auras became mainstream; that those who could see auras best described the appearence of babies with purple or indigo collered auras. It was said that the thing these children had in common was the capacity for system busting and that these souls had come here on purpose to aid in the evolution that was on-going here. What an honour I thought? To be able to put my character to some use finally.

So I began the expierment of trying to conciously, purposely be an instrument of change. And you can't do that if nobody thinks you're on to something. I tried utopian living, experiments in tempting fate or enabling sychronicity and absolutely had some success. I'll get to that but now that you're all thouroughly disgusted with the way things are I think it's a good time to nudge forward with something more interesting.

We live in a world of proof, and we know the body loses three quarters of an ounce at the time of death which suggests a soul. But how do you see that without LSD? And then how do you trust that you actually saw that when you sober up?

Well I think the aura is the physical manifestation of the soul and I'm gonna show you footage of one. You may have to watch it more than once as the water is a little disturbed but it's absolutely present.

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