Saturday, May 14, 2011


How many times have you heard this is cured or that is cured and then...NOTHING?
Well cancer has been cured again And it wasnt even complicated as such things go. In typical fashion
the mainstream media isn't talking and big pharma won't touch it.

There used to be a process by which companies used to have to qualify for a charter. Which means they had to serve the public interest or they would lose their liscence to do business.

People wonder why I abhor the current voting practice. I do because the public is not truly being served. Instead we are willingly being turned into cattle. It is done slowly enough and eventually we won't even notice the locks closing behind us.

But hey!! Who's on American Idol tonight?

It just baffles me to see how apathetic we have become in the face of all of it.

Oh well, this blog will get its usual four to seven hits. A lot of people complain that the big corperations stand in the way of change. But really, ultimately it is we,the unwashed masses, who are to blame for this complete and utter lack of action.

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