Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Does Obama take orders from the UN?

It's hard to get people to cry foul about the removal of a thug like Gadhafi, so I think this is the fight they've chosen to just come out and do it. It's up in your face but you agree anyways right? Don't you?

There a clip here which indicates the President now goes to the UN for direction rather than the Congress. It might not seem that important in this case but it will next time around.

The point here is that the Precident has now been set that the UN calls the shots rather than the people. Do you remember the pathetic charade of Bush and Co., running around trying to sell the people on WMDs and imminent threats. That didn't happen this time. Almost all Canadians don't even know we are at war again, and at the behest of who?

Don't think there is a new world order being formed? Think again. The real question now is do you support it?

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