Friday, March 18, 2011

no oil in bahrain

So what's the difference between Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi and Libya?

Gaddafi is a monster, but what about the treatment of Bradley Manning or all the people at the Pearl roundabout? Non-stop abuses in Yemen, Egypt, Palestine or the g20.

Right over there in Toronto, on the Reserves or on the streets. It's ALL WRONG!

What just happened in Bahrain was right under the nose of the US Navy as the 5th fleet is tied up there. There is no right to rule and we cannot pick and choose what bullies we decide to support. This is such a profound hipocracy that we can't really be missing it.

Can we?

Theres no oil in Bahrain, but then there wasnt any in Rwanda either. I don't even need a a video for this one.

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