Sunday, March 13, 2011


So how many people are getting a little concerned about all the secrecy surrounding this reactor mess? You notice how details remain sketchy and no footage is being shown of what's inside that reactor building?

If it's not a meltdown, then there are people there working on stuff who can take a picture of this still intact reactor core and put the whole issue to rest for say,
THE REST OF THE FREAKING WORLD! If it's a real meltdown, then there is an immediate responsibility to inform the people downwind so as to allow for an orderly movement of people. I know, sounds crazy doesnt it? Could you imagine the idea of the entire North American population taking a couple month vacation in say, Australia?

The real issue is that if that reactor really blew as oppose to the hydrogen fart they're telling us it is,t hen they probably can't get near the other five or so right next door, some of which are having control issues.

Would you run? Can you run? Where will you go? I noticed they don't say how badly irradiated those people are.

The one I can't wrap my head around is why they haven't shown any images of the wreckage of that natural gas plant that blew up the other night either. What could be to hide there?

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  1. of course just let anyone downwind get radiation... less havoc that way, no freak outs... keep things under control, even if it means people getting sick