Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kucinich and Paul

So what gives? The red and blue both have their own token dissenters who are always right but never get anywhere politically. Sometimes I think it's just to draw out their supporters and put them on a watch list. Really.

They find some yokels that are still naive enough to think they still live in a great country. I would talk about Canada here but we're not even a country anymore. We're more of a subregion like Cannuckistan. Nothing meaningfull is allowed to happen here. Remember the Arrow?

So they find these yokels and let them spew their rhetoric and give them just a big enough media platform to be heard but not enough to get elected and then all the truth in the world can be ridiculed out of existance by the attack poodles of the mainstream and then you can say you've had an open discourse. Clinton was impeached for an affair but no one takes Dennis Kucinich seriously when he says Obama should be impeached for going to war without the Congress. That's why they haven't declared war since 1941. It's too much work to manufacture consent.

If you really think the Japanese were able to catch the US Navy off guard at Pearl Harbor then you need to reconsider your sources.

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