Wednesday, February 16, 2011

crop circles

This is one of the best examples of a completely mind controlled species....
these incredible works of art and information have been appearing regularily since most of us were children and still those who speak on this are ridiculed or ignored.
These images are not regularily displayed on mainstream media and the one hollywood movie about them made the aliens into monsters.
now first off,i dont know that these are made by aliens(remember the crack about mind control?)...just because i have no idea what the outer limits of human knowledge and technology is...think they just figgered out the ipad last year?
whomever is behind this is trying to gently expand the belief horizons of a target
no matter who did it ,it was done to inflence your beliefs..yes yours...but it only works if you dont ignore it.
overall i see this phenomenom as a positive thing...why would anyone reach out to us with vastly better technology than we ve seen to stimulate our intellect if all they want to do is enslave or eat us...Someone clearly wants us to WAKE UP ALREADY!
take a good look at these images which are clearly beyond the means of pranksters with planks...
Now this is absolutley why is this NOT covered...the obvious answer would be alien reacharound and because ive heard so much about staged alien invasion to install a police state...
i feel like an egyptian who has had the internet turned off to prevent the sharing of information....take a good look at who takes what position on this issue and that will kinda say where the chips fall...

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  1. Incredible. Yes, why isn't this STORY front page news?!? You think those in control may not want the masses wondering what the hell is really going on? Well, someone somewhere's obviously hoping we wake up. Will we?