Thursday, February 17, 2011

media manipulation

This is a great example of how this is done to you. TexasCongressman Ron Paul has won the CPAC straw poll again for the second time. But this year, because everything has gotten worse, his words are ringing more true. FOX news used the footage from last years announcement, which was full of boos. This year the crowd was so ecstatic, they buried the footage. Take a good look at how they did this and compare it to state TV in Libya fawning over Gadaffi while thousands of hungry protesters raged outside.

Then look at the footage of Ray McGovern dragged out of a Hillary Clinton speech about freedom to protest while she doesn't miss a beat. The problem here is that people wont take a stand until they are personally hungry. So they only ever have to beat down a few people at a time. If you watched the G20 in Toronto , they rounded up and abused a thousand people. Easy.

Not so easy when its a quarter million. Don't worry though, all the courageous people will be long gone by they come for the rest of us.

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