Thursday, February 17, 2011

economic hitmen

If you think that all the the economic turmoil in the world is one big accident, think again. If you think the world escaped colonial tyranny a couple hundred years ago only to spin wildly out of control on our own. Which is why we all need learn austerity so that the bankers can collect all their interest money from our starving hands...THINK AGAIN. This is all a big corporate mugging of the entire world. Google derivatives and ask yourself why these 'financial instruments" out value the world economy?

Meet John Perkins, a reformed financial terrorist who was involved in the economic take down of a number of world economies by the IMF. In his book titled Confessions of an Economic Hitman he details how corporate raiders would go to a country's leader and corrupt them into taking out massive infrastructure loans to hire Anglo-American companies to build mega-projects the countries couldn't afford. Which is exactly where the corptocracy wants them. That when the country in question couldn't pay, then they would demand their pound of flesh, invariably meaning the country has to hand over some natural resource to the control of the corptocracy. That would mean anything from privatization of state assets to the wholesale slaughter of resisters. We actually ARE the great white satan.

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