Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Have you ever noticed how history’s mavericks have a way of meeting tragic ends often at the hands of lone nuts? People who speak truth to power are uniformly harassed from a number of different angles? Anyone who has ever run afoul of authorities for daring to disagree will say that the attack poodles seem to come from all directions. It only takes a handful of people to surround one person and make them question their safety or sanity.

The powers can afford that. They have a blank cheque from you the taxpayer who has rolled over. People underestimate the intelligence of true evil, which is why you see all those shows about dumb criminals. They want you to believe that no one could be that organized. We can build space shuttles and free energy. Don’t underestimate what is possible.

9/11 is probably the best example of this confrontation between intelligence and repression. Take a good look at the difference in the way people present their case and the battle lines will become more visible. Those who want you to go along can’t help but speak with contempt and condescension. Take the likes of Billo or entertainers Penn and Teller and Potok. These are counterintelligence agents paid to attack.

Then there are the fence sitters like Noam Chomsky or Jon Stewart. They skirt the edge but know what they can get away with. The biggest mistake people make is thinking they’re too insignificant to be noticed. Over one third of the population of East Germany was on the payroll of the government. We are not there yet but the constant nudge toward a distracted confused outlook is relentless and organized.

This is a prime example of the mush I am talking about. Video can't be embedded so you'll have to copy and paste into your browser to watch.


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