Monday, February 28, 2011

treachery simplified

For those of you who think it's all just too complicated, I have just the thing: cartoons.

This show lays out what I believe are the surface layers of the problem our species faces in the quest for freedom. If what is happening in the Arab world really does spread, I think it's important that we actually know who the real boss is.

For example, Egypt just had a revolution to get rid of Mubarak and already the army is letting his buddies off the hook and shutting out the citizenry again. This was so predictable. The same thing happened in Tunisia.

So when I see people killing bank tellers in Greece or slugging it out in Wisconsin, I say to all of you, these problems of no money are SYMPTOMS of a much bigger proble.

At some point the elephant in the room being the supression  of new and existing technology. We've known how to build a windfarm for some time. And thats just one example. Once you peer outside the box, it's quite obvious that EVERYTHING is being suppressed...

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