Friday, February 11, 2011

agenda 21

Well this is a big one. Is there a UN plan to reduce the worlds population by billions? Do we need to run for the hills? Stock up on pork and beans and ammunition? It would appear we are now entering the business cycle of this plan..

The riots and demonstrations taking place all over the world are not because people are feeling a little left out of the political process, it’s because they are being starved to DEATH by it.

I suspect if those behind this really get traction, then it won’t matter so much how much food you have as how well you are able to hide. If you’ve never seen the Georgia Guidestones, then I suggest you take a good hard look.

Who had the money and the inclination to erect such a structure and why? Why is Obama strangling all his coal fired power plants without replacing them with green plants first? Even creepier, why aren’t the coal barons filing suit left and right? Where is the outrage?

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