Sunday, February 13, 2011


I’d rather be talking about spiritual ascension and all the magical powers of humanity and the incredible technologies we’ve developed and the alien worlds we are visiting, but we’re not there yet. Before we can physically as a species go to the stars, we have to get the monkey off our backs and place it at our side. Consider this, if you were an alien coming to our world and looking around, what do you see?

Do you see a collection of different races duking it out for supremacy? Or do you see, as is reported, one race cannibalizing itself? If you are a fan of Star Trek at all, you know of the Prime Directive. The idea that all immature species should be quarantined until such time as they are able respect each other?

The people who claim association with other species from beyond and there are many, say this is exactly what is going on. Would you share nuclear power with Gengis Khan? This notion that the world is overcrowded and can’t support our numbers only holds water when you assess our world state without all our new technologies.

How many times have you heard about some incredible medical breakthrough only to find a month later that it’s years of testing away. Conversely, some new toxic medicine gets pushed through, like the H1N1 vaccine, with hardly any testing at all and causing all kinds of havoc?

Why are they building fusion centres and converting military bases to prisons that sit fully staffed awaiting…what? The notion that the world is drifting wildly out of control is poppycock. Why are the agents of change always demonized and called terrorists? One person’s terrorists is another’s freedom fighter.)

It all makes no sense unless you factor in a couple of widely known facts.  The United Nations want to shrink our population and make us more servile hence the fluoridation of water supplies. Do you think it’s a coincidence that governing bodies are trying to take all the guns away whilst they are collapsing the world economy?

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