Friday, February 11, 2011


Like an idea whose time has come, the people of the middle east have begun to tear off the shackles off oppression; our oppression.

Before you get angry, remember that Mubarek was the pawn of the west and Isreal, neither of which are all that happy about this. Certainly the people are, but watch the divide between what the people and what the governments wants.

Don't be fooled into thinking their problems are over. Tunisia is already experiencing that old "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." They're already finding themselves being shut out of the new government that they the people opened the door for.

The US has given the Mubarek regime a billion plus every year since Sadat was assassinated. Funny that in that time, Mubarek has amassed a fortune well in excess of the total military aid of that time. So really, he got the money.

The Swiss government has seized his assets there but the Yanks aren't talking. Follow the money, it might all still be here.

The one big point here is clearly that now the people know it is possible to overcome oppressive regimes.

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