Thursday, February 24, 2011

up in your face: the georgia guidestones

When most of us were kids, they said "if you do your best there will be a place for you in all this." I remembered thinking at the time that it is starting to not be that way.

I now have to stare down the barrel of global uncertainty and unsustainablity on so many fronts and still have the gumption to send my kids to that antiquated brainwashing institution, in the faint hope that what is written on the Georgia Guide stones isn't actually happening. As I watch the so obviously scripted disintegration of the Middle East and ponder it's potential outcome: two million people in Tahrir square chanting about Palestine. A friend of mine said, "If you don't have an opinion about Palestine then talk about it and get one because the silence is deafening."

Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons and is surrounded by angry neighbors. Oh and officially, we support their actions. Our silence in this matter is reprehensible and history will remembers who did and didn't do what was appropriate.

Take a look at this and ask yourself why it all seems to fit.

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