Sunday, February 20, 2011

an idea whose time has come

Theres something very exiting about watching something go viral. Millions of people on the business end of globally controlled money and food supplies have finally come to realize that they are being slowly exterminated with food.

They have no prospect of expecting any kind of life because it was bad now it's going to sharply worse: I'm hearing about 29 to 35 percent in the last year. When you spend over half of your income on food those numbers are a death sentence for many. The world hasn't suddenly become impossible to feed.

Please thing about that for a moment.

People are being deliberately starved out of existence. They have realized that they would rather die on their feet fighting back, because the legitimacy to rule comes with the responsibility to provide the platform for existence which has been more than poorly delivered, it's been purposely denied.

They have one shot at surviving this and and that means they must topple their governments or die at their hands.

Don't think it cant happen here. This is not slowing down and in fact it is speeding up. Protest actions are now beginning in the US as well as the world buckles under the imaginary debt load of a quadrillion dollar derivative black hole.

Eat, drink and be merry.

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