Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shame on mainstream media

It is really interesting how the mainstream media makes like Alex Jones doesn't exist even though his numbers are formidable, which means in popular terms, that there is legitimacy to his message.  They take every opportunity to discredit it by calling it "fringe, extreme, conspiracy" or any other minimizing term available and try to make nonsensical or irrelevant. They intimate like nobody is really listening to that "drivel" but clearly they are all too. They ignore the very compelling questions raised by this show and therefore deny their own listeners the benefit of balanced coverage of the issues.  They do however, turn around and use sound bytes when it suits them. This is the height of hypocracy.

I hope you're paying attention to the slant applied to everything you hear.  Granted that interview was off the hook and even I would say "Easy on the Redbull, Charlie."  To the people who make like that show doesn't exist except when it suits to attack is so cowardly.  And if you want to slag any man at will then you should consider the questions, Mr. President. 

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