Monday, February 14, 2011

Quadaffi, Gaddafi

How about that? As if right on schedule, Mohammar Quadaffi comes out and urges Palestinians to revolt against Isreal.  Doesn’t that just cap it? Why now? Now that Egypt might not be so willing to stand by and watch their fellow Arabs pasted by air strikes again by the benevolent forces of the Chosen People. Don’t you think it would take a little pressure of all Muslim leaders to show a little solidarity with their brethren for once?

This is so obviously a case of divide and conquer. How many Arab nations in a small area like the Middle East, is necessary to maintain discord? Doesn’t the Middle East realize that if it were all one country, they would stand a better chance of fending off the manipulation?

If you look at how much money the US sends Isreal and Egypt every year, over a billion to Egypt alone and for what? So they don’t rip each others throats out? Isreal has enough nukes to flatten all of her neighbors. That is the only thing keeping this little country where it is because otherwise they would be overrun by all their neighbors.  The real question as I see it is what’s the angle? They bombed Tripoli a few years back and I gather Quadaffi is still upset about it.

The answer gets easier if you assume that countries only exist in the minds of their citizens. The world is now run by international bankers who have no interest in the preservation of nations.They want everyone on their knees before them, the true rulers. When you finance both sides of a war. than all you have to do is assure that there continues to be a war. This all works to keep everyone angry and scared and isn’t that exactly the way you want them anyway? Where do you think Hitler got the money to build the Third Reich? Well now we have the Fourth Reich running amok and if you watch the news, you’ll notice nobody is willing to to say how they *think * this is going turn out.

Except maybe John Perkins here.

Now those are people in power right? Wrong! Ever hear of a puppet regime?  They’re everywhere. That is why they’re all afraid. They know that none of them are really in charge and they all take their marching orders from the same monster, who seems to have a real appetite for blood.

This ones not over yet.

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